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About us

Hello, we are Beholders Gaze and we are both avid dice and D&D fans to the point we have taken this step to making it part of our day to day life. We want to provide dice that people can adore and enjoy even when they are rolling poorly.

We cut our teeth for TTRPG's on D&D and Dark Heresy and have never looked back, loving the friends and adventures we have had so far and hope to have many more. We currently have weekly homebrew D&D game which is the highlight of our week. This love has slowly lead to what can only be described as ...ahem, a dice addiction. 

Our personal dice collection is coming along nicely and from our love of dice we decided to become part of the dice culture for a living if possible as we cannot think of anything better than living a life of dice and spending it dealing with fellow dice lovers.

Aside from dice our other loves are TTRPG's, Comics, Anime and Video Games.

Our aim going forward will be to start things off with an exclusive and limited edition set called Bittersweet Nightshade and with the hopeful success of that will release more exclusive sets along-side a variety of non-exclusive dice sets. Hopefully in time we can expand and offer wide range of dice for everyone’s tastes.

We are funding our dice sets ourselves at this point and if possible want to avoid a Kickstarter, because we know full well that when you buy a lovely new set of dice you want them in your hands as soon as possible and not 6 months later. That’s not to say we will not ever consider a Kickstarter as if it becomes apparent that is what the dice people want we will oblige.

We do not manufacture the dice ourselves however if we say it’s an exclusive set we have designed it ourselves and arranged for a manufacturer to produce them for us exclusively using our own commissioned dice moulds.

In our eyes the most important thing is the dice community and our being open and honest in our dealing with our customers. We want to hear from all our customers whether it be good or bad.

We dearly hope you all love the dice we create and remember to love your dice, even the naughty ones!

Beholders Gaze